Rainforest, Abstract Textured Artwork


Rainforest, 2021

Rainforest is a artwork created to uplift with it’s vibrant, tropical colour palette it is made by sculpting in my unique impasto style.
Escape a rainforest in the tropics whilst viewing this Painting.

50 x 40 x 1.5 centimetres.

Acrylic paint on cotton canvas.

Paintings are send to collectors with hooks and string attached and they are sent via tracked courier delivery Worldwide.

This Painting is signed on the back for proof of authenticity.

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Kaleidoscope Collection 2021

My vibrant collection is being created with the intention to uplift the viewer emotionally.

My Colourful Abstract Paintings of have been created to portray a sense of movement by sculpting the paint to create a uniquely textured, Impasto style surface.

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