Planet Kind, Original Painting.


Being Planet Kind is cool, small actions of positive change make an impact.

Professional grade uv resistant acrylic on round canvas.

Measuring; 39 centimetres diameter, 1.5 cm canvas depth.

Created as part of a new collection Small positive actions from many people = a global change.

Completed in September 2020.

Signed and dated on the back of the  for proof of authenticity.

D rings and string fixings attached.



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Being Kind to the planet = being kind to humanity.

I have began a collection of work looking into how small actions by all = big impact and positive change for the environment & humanity.

Making the poor richer and the rich less rich, restoring a bit of balance to this world.

Protecting our planet is the most important matter facing us all, every action however small it maybe will help slow down climate change.

If everyone does something for our planet they will also be doing something something kind for humanity.



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