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design on FABRICS & Giclée prints,

I have been curiously exploring many options throughout the past three years to enable me to express what I want to say to the world through my art. I have explored colour and sculpted impasto textures using mixed mediums on hundreds of canvases with various techniques. Mixing polymers, combining mediums, manipulating paints whilst testing tools for extensive formulas – like a mad art scientist!

I have documented all the successful results from these 150 weeks of experimental work to carry forward into my practice; constructing and establishing my unique structures on canvas.

All my experiments prints and small original abstract art is now online. You can click the image above to be directed to

Emily Duchscherer Kirk Shop on

I am also creating Blogs every week about art, sustainable living and my transition from acrylic paint to plastic free, earth friendly paints. You can find it here.

I will be sharing lots of fact checked resources and tested methods you can use to make it really easy to get ideas on how you could make easy changes in your life to become more sustainable.

Using research alongside with changes I have made in my home & have found to make a positive impact over the past few years.

Positive Change throughout the world will help balance our impact on our beautiful Planet and will also make the world more fair, equal, inclusive and humane for everyone who lives on it.