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One Hundred Mini Paintings Project by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

One Hundred Mini Paintings What?? I hear you say, well yes that's exactly what I'm up to in between larger products over the next week months. I'm making these A5 & A4 paintings on canvas for two very important reasons. Composition Exploration So just really discovering what works best in the way I arrange colour on the canvas and what shapes they make to the painting as a whole. It's very easy to just focus on the detail in my work rather than the work as a whole. After all what's the first thing some ones going to see -- ...Read More

About me and my background – part three by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

In January 2017 I left my job of 14 years! It was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I knew an art career was going to be the toughest thing I could of ever have chosen to pursue but I had to do it. It was always in me to make it happen. I was just terrified to take that leap but had finally done it! I spent the first five months exploring a bit whilst spending time enjoying time with my beautiful little man, trying to make up for the first few months of his- ...Read More

About Me & Why I became an Artist – part two by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

But it never happened.....I ended up training to become a retail manager, bought a home at twenty one and got engaged to a lovely man (but the relationship didn't last long) although I was grateful for a home which I kept and run by myself for the next seven years. But then I was stuck struggling to keep my home running on my own with no money or time to keep my art going I was always so tired. I needed to carry on with my job in retail & get promoted, so during this time Painting was a hobby- ...Read More

Abstract Sessions for August & September 2018: Introduction to expressionist painting.

Creative Sessions August and September 2018. Good Morning, Welcome to my world everyone, I have some exciting news to tell you about. I'm doing some courses in my studio! So if you would love to try out something creative & new, Here's the information for you all!   Who are these Sessions suited to ? ANYONE that would like to explore the world of abstract expressionism. ANY AGE (Adults must accompany under 18's) ANY ABILITY  From complete beginners to professional painters.   Any restrictions I don't have wheel chair access which sucks! This is because my home studio and garden- ...Read More

The Artist’s Spotlight @wallartbyemily by Jorge Santos and Emily Duchscherer Kirk.

Artist's Spotlight @wallartbyemily Hope you're having a great Thursday everyone and welcome to another Artist's Spotlight, [caption id="attachment_1916" align="alignright" width="276"] Abstract's Explosion[/caption] So this week is one of many that I follow on Instagram. He's an abstract expressionist painter and his name is Jorge Santos. Here's Jorge's Story Jorge Santos lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a self taught abstract acrylic painter and photographer. In his own words here's how he became an artist. "My passion for painting came in a very unexpected way when in 2004, My daughter challenged me to paint a canvas. This challenge aroused the art that was- ...Read More

The Artist’s Spotlight @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk & Kate C. Norton.

The Artist's Spotlight @wallartbyemily; The Artworks of Kate C Norton. Good Afternoon everyone, So a promised I have my artist's spotlight this week. I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend, We are exploring the artworks of Kate C Norton of Langport, Somerset. I hope you all enjoy.   [caption id="attachment_1891" align="alignright" width="530"] Evening Reeds[/caption] Here is Kate's Story My artistic career started with studying a Foundation course at Plymouth College of Art and Design. Then I went on to study BSc Textile Design, and MSc Textile Technology for Textile Designers at The University of Huddersfield in the 90’s. I never- ...Read More

Artist Spotlight this week by Lorraine Hazell-Linder and Emily Duchscherer Kirk.

Artist Spotlight. Good Afternoon,So as promised is my first local Artist spotlight. Lorraine Hazell-Linder is an emerging artist in Yeovil, Somerset - I love her artwork and asked if I could post about her journey as I find her creations fascinating.I hope you enjoy! Here is Her Story [caption id="attachment_1818" align="alignright" width="336"] Lorraine Hazell-Linder Art[/caption] A few years ago I embarked upon some 1-1 counselling. I was guided to a Psycho-Spiritual counsellor (unbeknown to me at the time). “Just a few sessions” I said on the phone – maybe six at the most – when he phoned to organise our- ...Read More

Artist Spotlight by Emily DuchschererKirk on Dali

Artist Spotlight by EmilyDuchschererKirk on Dali. As promised my artist spotlight this week based on the Fascinating Salvador Dali and how his works inspires me. I will feature an artist every week, ranging from classic masters, modern art heroes to contemporary & emerging artists. Salvador Dalí was born in 1904 and spent his childhood in Catalonia, Spain. He began painting at a very young age, his first recorded Work was in 1914 in which he painted landscapes. He was only twelve went he attended drawing school, at this time he met Picot his mentor, who introduced him to Impressionism. Dali- ...Read More

My Art Inspiration for the week ahead by EmilyDuchschererKirkArt.

My Art Inspiration for the week ahead by Emily Duchscherer Kirk/wallartbyemily. This week: 23/10/17 Hello, So Mondays at is all about Inspiration. The start of a new week must bring a muse and I'd like to talk a bit about mine. At college I was drawn to many different styles in art however the movement of Surrealism has always been fascinating. Salvador Dali (My Artist of the week, Wednesday's blog) is very influential and inspires many of my works, he's always been one of my heroes. So I've got a lot planned in this week, I have been commissioned- ...Read More

Artist spotlight by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Artist Spotlight by EmilyDuchschererKirk As promised my first artist spotlight is about the wonderful Henri Matisse and how his art inspires me. I will feature an artist every week, ranging all the way from classic masters up to many current and up and coming artists. Henri Matisse, born 31/12/1869 was from a poor family in France in a small town called Le cateau-cambresis. He began painting at 20 when his mother bought him his first paints whilst he was bed ridden. She encouraged him to paint with his emotions rather than using the rules that traditional  artists would use to- ...Read More