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One Hundred Mini Paintings Project by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

One Hundred Mini Paintings What?? I hear you say, well yes that's exactly what I'm up to in between larger products over the next week months. I'm making these A5 & A4 paintings on canvas for two very important reasons. Composition Exploration So just really discovering what works best in the way I arrange colour on the canvas and what shapes they make to the painting as a whole. It's very easy to just focus on the detail in my work rather than the work as a whole. After all what's the first thing some ones going to see -- ...Read More

About me and my background – part three by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

In January 2017 I left my job of 14 years! It was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I knew an art career was going to be the toughest thing I could of ever have chosen to pursue but I had to do it. It was always in me to make it happen. I was just terrified to take that leap but had finally done it! I spent the first five months exploring a bit whilst spending time enjoying time with my beautiful little man, trying to make up for the first few months of his- ...Read More

About Me & Why I became an Artist – part two by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

But it never happened.....I ended up training to become a retail manager, bought a home at twenty one and got engaged to a lovely man (but the relationship didn't last long) although I was grateful for a home which I kept and run by myself for the next seven years. But then I was stuck struggling to keep my home running on my own with no money or time to keep my art going I was always so tired. I needed to carry on with my job in retail & get promoted, so during this time Painting was a hobby- ...Read More
still life, Flowers in a vase 80 x 60 cm acrylic on canvas by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

This Week @Emily Duchscherer Kirk Art

Good Afternoon Ladies and gents, Just a quick update on what's going on this week and a sneak peak into this month. Can you believe it's February already?   In the Studio So this week I'm working on two small abstracts with a bit more of a natural colour palette, except GOLD, yes my gold obsession continues this month. I think it just brings a bit of extra specialness, if that's really a word. The other two paintings small paintings I'm hoping to complete in the next week are flowers in a vase canvases based on a still life I- ...Read More

Abstract Sessions for August & September 2018: Introduction to expressionist painting.

Creative Sessions August and September 2018. Good Morning, Welcome to my world everyone, I have some exciting news to tell you about. I'm doing some courses in my studio! So if you would love to try out something creative & new, Here's the information for you all!   Who are these Sessions suited to ? ANYONE that would like to explore the world of abstract expressionism. ANY AGE (Adults must accompany under 18's) ANY ABILITY  From complete beginners to professional painters.   Any restrictions I don't have wheel chair access which sucks! This is because my home studio and garden- ...Read More
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Empathy in Art: My New Series by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Empathy in art Good Morning, I hope you guys are loving the new website. I'm so happy with it and feel my work has been displayed awesomely! So, today I want to let you all know about what I've been working on this week. A new series of six 18 x 24" canvas paintings all about Empathy.   Why did I want to painting about this subject? I have recently been thinking about how powerful words are, How we use the same words in different content, Also how these words make others communicate and react to others. I have chose- ...Read More

New website launch this week EMILYDUCHSCHERERKIRK.COM Launch this Saturday. Good Afternoon, Today I want to tell you all about my new website, Welcome to my blog, If you haven't been here before. Sorry all the lovely people who normally read my posts. I've been really busy with this new launch. Post we resume on Saturday.   Why am I launching a new website? I decided at the beginning of February that I was going to change my business name from to I want my site to be purely about my original paintings. Specifically my raw abstract expressionist artworks, because that's the direction- ...Read More

In the Art studio this week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

What's happening in the Art Studio this week... Good Morning and welcome to my art blog, It's Monday and the start of a sunny (here in Somerset) new week, Today I will be talking about my goals for the week ahead..   Living up to the challenge So, this week I'm going to go to work on the goals I set for last week, My challenge was to get 300 more followers on Social Media by Midnight on Sunday, In reality I achieved 60, Yeah it's okay but not what I was looking for. This is going to be my- ...Read More
music Joyful by emily duchscherer kirk

How Music Inspires Art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Music Inspiring me this week... Welcome to my art blog, Today I'm going to talk about music, It's my second love, So, I use music as a tool to create my artwork....   Why does music inspire my art? So, if you read my blogs you'll Know a bit about me already, I am an expressionist and use my my emotions and thoughts to create my paintings, I feel music helps channel these emotions, because I just pick a specific genre of music that matches my feelings.... That's why if you watch my live videos on Instagram.. You will hear- ...Read More
journey bliss by emily duchscherer kirk

My Art Journey So far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

A bit about my Journey in the last year... Hello, Welcome to my art blog, I'm Emily an Expressionist Artist based in Somerset, England.   So What's it like to be an Artist? Well, I guess like any self employed person would tell you, IT'S REALLY HARD! I mean it's the most life changing decision I've ever made, It also took me over ten years to go for it, I have been painting since the age of sixteen, But actually I have only been a full time Artist for a year, That year has taught me alot about myself and- ...Read More