PLastic Free Living Part II

Plastic Free July is a fantastic place to start a more environmentally friendly lifestyle whilst also helping to preserve our beautiful planet.

I began looking into all aspects of eco living three and a half years ago and once I was aware of the damage plastics are continuing to create in our oceans, land and the food chain

I then began to change what I bought and very importantly how I buy food, clothing and household items.

But let’s get back to saying NO to single use Plastic Packaging to stop plastics contaminating our oceans and being dumped into landfill sites across the world.

During the pandemic I saw some crazy things via social media like cling film wrapped cans of drink in shops, the funny thing is that I read that natural materials held the virus on their surface for much less time compared to synthetic plastics.

I’ve noticed this even now with single bakery items; a supermarket that I go to on a regular basis has been asking people to use single use plastic gloves to pick up loose bakery goods instead of using tongs. Outside you can see that single use plastic packaging and masks have been littered everywhere!

I am working towards a zero waste household or zero to landfill household which sounds more to the purpose if you ask me; unfortunately the last 18 months have most definitely made that a much more unrealistic goal.

Where You Buy Food and Drink

In my previous blog I focused on what to buy and where to buy it within supermarkets and superstores.

Today I’m going to talk about alternative and better places to find all the items you need without being tempted to buy single use plastic packing items. My first step was to start ordering fruit and vegetable boxes on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on what was left and needed to be use from the previous weeks box.

Riverford Organic farmers are a great one to choose they now use their own compostable packaging for items like bagged salad leaves.

Abel and Cole are also a great company who you can also buy many other items from chilled, tinned, bakery and household which is it’s advantage, they have even started a zero waste club where you return tubs of your chosen dried goods.

Both of these companies use minimal to zero packaging for their produce and are B corp certified, they support small farmers across the United Kingdom and beyond. Their ethics and business practices show they care abut the environment and people that produce food.

You should also Support Local wherever possible and find your nearest Fruit and Veg, Farm and Zero waste shops up and down the country you can support by shopping with them.

Search your area online for your local ones if you are not sure. A lot of these little businesses also have refill stations for household cleaning, personal care and foods such as oils and wholefoods.

Buying Cosmetics, Toiletries, Skincare and most important of all toilet roll!

Their isn’t any make up brands out their that are completely single use packaging free but there are many that are trying. You can find some on and

Skincare and toiletries are also online in these websites. They are a great way to get started!

Toilet roll is another item it’s pretty hard to get hold of ones that aren’t wrapped in plastic!

18 months ago I started ordering online at Naked Sprout they sell unbleached (yes brown) but comfortable on your bum toilet paper that’s kinder to the environment as is made from Bamboo which is one of the planets fastest growing tree’s. We have subscribed now after figuring out how long it takes us to use 48 rolls! £36 for 48 rolls is a great deal too!

Naked Sprout is FSC® 100% sustainable bamboo, No bleach, plastic or nasty chemicals are used to make it – and per sheet it costs the same as leading plastic wrapped brands. You can order in boxes of 24, 48 and 96 rolls they are delivered in a cardboard box with NO wrap inside!

It’s a winner!

We did try other plastic free brands too but this is the best in my opinion and you’ll never have to have to worry about running out at those most crucial moments ever again!

Thanks for reading, Emily. x.

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Emily Duchscherer Kirk