Organic form has always seemed so beautiful to me. The way flora matures from seeds to plant life, trees, vegetables, fruit & flowers. They develop, adapt and evolve to their surroundings & habitat. They feed us, help us breath and most importantly they are a key component in keeping our planet healthy.

I feel much of my passion for the natural world stems from growing up in a rural village surrounded by countryside and woodlands. South Somerset will always be an enormous influence on my work because it’s where I’m rooted.

The structure and texture of organic life is what excites me most of all. During the last three years I have been exploring hundreds of techniques using different mediums and tools to create a truly unique Impasto style that shares these organic details. My aim is to remind other people of how incredibly miraculous plant life so to build a deeper respect to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations.

I feel sharing the allure of flora in my work will bring thoughts to those who view my work, I hope to make them think how they could contribute to preserve our wonderful world.

Britain has diverse native landscapes that are enticing to observe but only 13% of Britain is covered by Woodlands and 800 woods in the UK are under threat, mainly due to housing development.

Deforestation is an overall loss in the total area of woodland. We hear about it most in other parts of the world where rainforests, forests and woodlands are cleared for Timber. The other main causes of deforestation are to make room for the mass production of Coffee, Soy and Palm oil Plantations and rearing Cattle for meat.

So the easiest swaps in our lifestyles to help slow Climate Change is to reduce our consumption of Coffee, Palm oil and Soy, Beef and Timber. Which will be the in my next blog.

I will be sharing where you can find useful information to make small swaps to make positive change in their lives to restore environmental balance.To find out more understand a little about Climate Change check out the following links and resources. I used these to produce this blog.


On Netflix ; David Attenborough’s – A Life On Our Planet.

On BBC I Player ;

Our Perfect Planet, 2021.

A Year To Change The World – Greta Thunberg, 2021.

I hope you find this useful, my next blog will be looking at how ‘Small Swaps Make Positive Change’ and how to tackle as the main causes consumers.

Take Care,

Emily. x

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Emily Duchscherer Kirk