About me and my background – part three by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

In January 2017 I left my job of 14 years! It was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I knew an art career was going to be the toughest thing I could of ever have chosen to pursue but I had to do it. It was always in me to make it happen. I was just terrified to take that leap but had finally done it!

I spent the first five months exploring a bit whilst spending time enjoying time with my beautiful little man, trying to make up for the first few months of his life, whilst trying to figure out what and how I was going to do this. Then experimented and explored oh so many ways I could use acrylic paints to express what had been suppressed inside me for so long. My hubby set up a website for me and I  began to look at many ways to promote myself.

The last two years have been learning about me again, who I am, who I want to be and most importantly what I wanted to share with the world through my painting.

I have also set up directory website https://www.independentsmallbusinessdirectory.com to help other small businesses find customers too whilst gaining a network of support because it’s a tough lonely world sometimes working on your own and finding others that are working on their own creative career has been so inspiring and comforting.

I was surprised how many have been through a similar experiences with regarding mental health conditions.

Knowing you are not the only one that has been through dark times has made me realise that if it wasn’t for all the (what I feel are) bad decisions in my life, I would not of had the amazing life that I am blessed to have now.

I wouldn’t of got through it without my amazingly supportive husband, he’s the one who pushed me to follow my heart work on me and my art.

It’s took me a long time to understand and realise this because its can be hard to look beyond to darkness of the past.

I still get severely anxious from time to time normally when I get stressed out and don’t plan my day but with the therapy I recieved, understanding myself better and painting,

I am so grateful for what I have.

Just before Christmas I decided after nearly two years of experimenting where and what I am going to be focusing on in my career as an artist. I don’t know exactly what happened or even the exact moment but I now I know what I’m focusing on now and I’m ready to go go go.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can understand my art a little more from this.