My background and why I became an artist by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Growing up in the Somerset countryside, surrounded by beautiful rich landscapes, my home as a child was situated right next to fields of blackcurrants, corn and cattle.
A small village in south somerset which also had a country park an a quarry of Hamstone that was less than an hour away from many beaches and juarrissic coastlines. Looking back I feel this was taken for granted as a child but I appreciate it more and more as an adult.

My connection with art and nature has always been strong one because of this so organically my expressionist paintings incorporate this significant part of my life.
I was also really uncomfortable in my own skin as I grew very tall and chubby from the age of eleven, the age where everyone feels awkward as their bodies begin to hit puberty. I never fitted in with one group of friends like many do at this age I always felt I had to try too hard, but creating was the one thing that did made me feel content and sometimes I would just sit in the art classroom and draw or paint at break times because of this.

I went to college and worked full time on art and design for two years, at this time I met my first boyfriend who I moved in with at eighteen. This was probably the worst decision I made, but you know, many of us do stupid things when we are young. I think the decisions I made altered the next ten years of my life. So I got a job in retail and convinced myself I would save up some money and go to university to study for a fine art degree.

But it never happened…..I ended up training to become a retail manager, bought a home at twenty one and got engaged to a lovely man (but it didn’t last long) however I was grateful for a home which I kept and run by myself for the next seven years, I was stuck struggling to keep my home running on my own.