My Journal for January 2019 by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

So, what can I say about the last month, it’s been fantastic,

2019 has been an amazing start for me as an artist.

I completed my biggest commissioned painting so far which was a exciting, I love a challenge and this piece was certainly a big one.

I have also began to develop my skills concentrating on techniques to create organic forms whilst combining expressing human emotion, we are organic after all.

On a personal note I have been focusing on planning to create a great work & life balance, whilst also beginning my plastic free journey in my home.

It’s been a huge challenge that I feel will take months maybe years to establish completely,

I mean just think how many household & food items we buy with plastic packaging, pretty much everything!

The other big problem I have faced is how food & drink is a lot more affordable in plastic packaging, so you end up buying many different product from ones in which you are used to.

I started by going back to soap bars for washing including shampoo bars with all natural ingredients.

It’s a start. one that will lead to a very different way of living.

I think as we mature in life, have children, we look to the future for the next generation much more than before, it becomes so much more important, I feel a responsibility to help change than is needed to save our planet for my son’s children and their children.

So looking forward to February, a new collection is in progress already and will hopefully be launched by the end of the month this group of new artworks are inspired progression on my Spectra Series.

I’ll keep you all updated via email on the 13th February with a preview & free digital download will be included.

I will be exhibiting in Bristol, England at Gallery Du 808 for two weeks from 13th February, a new gallery in which opened last year exhibiting emerging artists around the world.

On Instagram my Live stories will be posted on Wednesday’s & Friday’s will resume from the 6th February.

My Blog and vlog (on IGTV & U TUBE) series will also launch on the 4th February.

I will also be running a new promotion for my online directory website ‘Small Business of the week’ will run over on the directory linked to the Instagram account for the platform, so please take a look & vote for your favourite over on Instagram.

There’s many talented creatives to discover, watch out for Mother’s day competition giveaways happening at the end of February on the Instagram account too!

So there’s lots going, wishing you all a great February & hoping 2019 is a great year for you all so far.

Love Emily. xoxo.

Contact  me here if you’d like to ask me anything about my work