Merry Christmas to you all ……


Good Morning, 

In exactly a weeks time we will all be celebrating the most important things in our lives,

Family, friends and our fellow men and of course Jesus if you are a person of the  Christian faith.

Religious or not I feel the meaning of this special day can be carried through out the new year and beyond….

As many of you will know many of my paintings express empathy, trying to show the beauty in humanity and nature.

In these uncertain times, it’s sometimes scary to think what the future will hold,

but I feel that everyone can spread the messages, meaning of Christmas to the rest of the year that follows.

Being kind to each other, an act of kindness is a powerful thing…

Trying to understand beliefs and ways of living that are different to our own to create a more harmony in the world.

Maybe buying less food at once to use up everything we buy to reduce wastage or trying to buy less packaged products to reduce plastic landfill.

Any action big or small to help humanity & the environment around us makes a difference if everybody does something.

I remember a cartoon called Captain Planet when I was a little girl, I always remember the theme tune ‘Captain Planet he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero.’

Very catchy, i believe you can find it on U tube if you’d like to see it. he he.

So yes,  I have gone a bit off track but you can see what I’m getting at.

Instead of making a new years resolution, I will be thinking on how Ii can make more of a difference to other people and the planet Earth also using acts of kindness to try and help change this world for the better and make the difference this world needs whilst teaching my son the same message to spread kindness throughout the world. 

So on that note, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a revolutionary new year. 

Lots of love,