Independent Small Business Directory FREE PLAN

Hello there,

If you’ve never been on my website, 

Let me introduce myself, I’m Emily I’ve been painting for 14 years.

Last year I quit my job in retail to concentrate on a my art career.

Since I have become self employed I’ve realised how hard it is to promote & reach a large audience on a tiny budget.

But making a successful living doing what I love is my goal.

As many other Independent makers I use social media daily to promote my work. 

However it is becoming harder & harder to reach customers without spending money that I don’t have spare on promoting posts.

I spent 50% of my day posting, finding also emailing shops & galleries that would be best fit for my unique style.


So, a few months back I decided to think differently.

Trying to search or discover a cost effective and productive way of promoting Independent Businesses.

I knew there was an real market, lots of people who loved supporting small shops and purchasing unique products.

I myself am one of those people, but I found it really hard to find new and exciting business unless recommended to me.

I came up with the idea of a directory that creatives/ makers/ small biz owners and services could use.

Then customers could use a simple search to find the exact product they were looking for.

Easy. Right?

Well that’s where I am, I’m spreading the word to talented business owners to come on board with a Free price plan.

I need to start some where.

So if you think my idea may benefit you FREE of charge help me spread the word by posting, telling your friends, tagging etc.

Many heads are better than one.

Supporting each other I feel this could be BIG.

Also we all may earn a little more so what have you got to loose?

Thanks for reading 

I hope to see you on the directory soon.