Independent Business Membership

It’s been a crazy week for me setting up the website & getting my studio ready for Somerset open studios starting on the 15th.

Thank you to everyone who has become involved in the directory in the first few days.

So, if you haven’t checked out the website here’s the link 

I feel that many small businesses working together as one is much more powerful than a big business paying left, right and centre for search engine positions & social media adds.

We already have an audience that follows us,

With every post we make we find more, so if enough of us group together.

This could work so effectively & find us all lovely new customers.

The idea behind is that independent businesses need somewhere people can find them easily.

They can search the site for by category eg; clothing, accessories, original art.

Or they can search by region/country or even by what they want eg; wedding gift, colourful paintings.

I feel it’s a struggle to be found online.

Advertising is massively expensive, we simply cannot afford.

I feel working together to promote every small independent business would be a great way to get around this.


So the reason I decided to do this is that it’s tough getting yourself customers right?

If everyone helps by posting, using #independentsmallbusinessdirectory hashtags & spreads the word we can work together to get more business.

The more people I can get to sign up, the more I can afford to advertise the website via search engines, which will be fantastic.

For £10 you get a listing on the directory for a year, you can add three wonderful photos to showcase your business. 

Links to any social media you use plus your online shop will be key to direct customers to your business.

Plus a wonderful 200 words on your passion for your business and what you do.

Also you can see how many people view your profile.

You MUST have an online shop to be listed.

If you want to support other small businesses and grow your own.

Join me.

I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Let’s do this!