Empathy in Art: My New Series by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Empathy in art

Good Morning,

I hope you guys are loving the new website.

I’m so happy with it and feel my work has been displayed awesomely!

So, today I want to let you all know about what I’ve been working on this week.

A new series of six 18 x 24″ canvas paintings all about Empathy.


Why did I want to painting about this subject?

I have recently been thinking about how powerful words are,

How we use the same words in different content,

Also how these words make others communicate and react to others.

I have chose the word Empathy for the first of many series I will be completing this year.

There are so many definitions to this word,

The meaning is different to many people and I feel a very powerful message can be channeled.


What I have chose to communicate

So, I researched many articles on empathy.

Also many quotes from poets and iconic people throughout history.

After brainstorming for several hours I came up with six subjects of empathy and the colours that represent them.

  1. Patience, Tolerance, compassion and Freedom to express.. using empathy and open mindedness we can try to understand other peoples beliefs. This would make the world a more peaceful place. Everyone should be able to express there beliefs and respect others who believe differently to ourselves.
  2. Emotional State of ones mind...How certain situations or reactions from others can effect our state of mind positively and negatively.
  3. Emotional Intelligence…To place oneself in another ones shoes, the ability to understand how someone else is feeling. And reacting or influencing these emotions.
  4. Humility…The quality of being humble. Neither having too much pride or self deprecation, freeing oneself from vanity with self restraint. For many religions this is very important. 
  5. Harmony…Several parts of something or many people working together as one. Creating balance and peace. Courage to display empathy and build a relationship with others.
  6. Reflections…How to show empathy toward another person, we have to feel what another is feeling. Echo of another persons emotions in yourself.

I will be posting on facebook and Instagram daily with progress on this series.




Thanks for reading,

Have a great weekend.