New website launch this week EMILYDUCHSCHERERKIRK.COM Launch this Saturday.

Good Afternoon, Today I want to tell you all about my new website,

Welcome to my blog, If you haven’t been here before.

Sorry all the lovely people who normally read my posts.

I’ve been really busy with this new launch.

Post we resume on Saturday.


Why am I launching a new website?

I decided at the beginning of February that I was going to change my business name from to

I want my site to be purely about my original paintings.

Specifically my raw abstract expressionist artworks, because that’s the direction my journey as an artist is taking.

I have only been full time and selling my works for a year now.

In that year I have discovered a lot about myself and my artistic calling.

So I’m launching a brand new website which will be purely about my original artwork.

Blog posts about each painting and what they are all about and the process of creating them.

What’s the deal when you sign up?

You get an exclusive code for an amazing discount between 1st May @ 6pm – 3rd May midnight.

Plus a free digital download of my artwork to print off and save to your devices.

I don’t send a lot of emails to my lovely subscribers.

But I’m aiming on starting a monthly deal and a weekly newsletter about my latest paintings to you all.

Describing the process and meaning behind each piece if your interested.

Here’s the link to sign up before 6pm tomorrow;

This link also includes my etsy shop for home decor works and ebay for my small paintings and rapid artworks where bids start from 99p!

I create my best work by making myself vulnerable to my raw and deep emotions, thoughts and memories sometimes they are painful and others wonderful.

My aim is to bring happiness to my clients when they purchase my work, hopefully they will love there paintings for years to come.

Thanks for Reading,


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