How Music Inspires Art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Music Inspiring me this week…

Welcome to my art blog,

Today I’m going to talk about music,

It’s my second love,

So, I use music as a tool to create my artwork….


Why does music inspire my art?

So, if you read my blogs you’ll Know a bit about me already,

I am an expressionist and use my my emotions and thoughts to create my paintings,

I feel music helps channel these emotions,

because I just pick a specific genre of music that matches my feelings….

That’s why if you watch my live videos on Instagram..

You will hear so many different type.

Why do you think musicians are referred to as Artists too….


Music and I

So, I grew up in a music loving family,

My mum especially was into lots of different genres,

Motown and soul to eighties rock and pop,

I remember us knowing all the words to hundreds of songs.

There was always at least ten tapes in my mums Ford Escort…

We would sings all the time in the car and at home,

Although we were really terrible.

Most of my happy childhood and young adult memories are linked to a song in my head.

I think that’s why it’s important for me.

To relive old memories or emotions in my mind and to my canvas.


Music That’s been working for me this week

I’ve been listening to new tracks this week,

I have found an awesome modern punk with a hint of goth band called Goat Girl, four ladies from South London.

The album is called GOAT GIRL and is awesome! I found it on apple check it out!

The other album is from Tom Misch, GEOGRAPHY.

Loving this guy, the intro to the album is AMAZING….

A mix of hip hop beats with soulful guitar and a beautiful voice.

These two may also be some of my new favourites.


I will be live on Instagram 8pm (gmt) on Thursday’s talking about my Art.

Why I do it, Why it’s my passion and What it’s like to start your own business.


Thanks for reading,

Make everyday amazing..