My Art Journey So far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

A bit about my Journey in the last year…


Welcome to my art blog,

I’m Emily an Expressionist Artist based in Somerset, England.


So What’s it like to be an Artist?

Well, I guess like any self employed person would tell you,


I mean it’s the most life changing decision I’ve ever made,

It also took me over ten years to go for it,

I have been painting since the age of sixteen,

But actually I have only been a full time Artist for a year,

That year has taught me alot about myself and my ability.

So, it can be a bit lonely at times,

Talking to yourself becomes a must.

But I guess the answer is it’s AWESOME.


Pushing for your dreams..

Okay, If you read my blogs regularly you will know I’ve been talking about pushing myself alot.

Also using goals daily and weekly to achieve yearly ones.

Like any business would right?

Well I will be completely honest and say I didn’t realise how important this was till this year.

I think I was in some strange bubble,

My mind was telling me that if I posted my artwork daily on social media, went to markets a few times a month, rent a small space in a local shop and have my website up… I would be selling loads of artwork.

This isn’t the case at all!

As I type this I realise how stupid it sounds…

That’s why I haven’t sold more than thirty paintings!

I have to be a business woman fifty percent of the time and an artist 50 percent..

Until you can hire people to help you with the business side this is reality.


The Reality

So, I have spent a bit of money on some courses,

I’m also looking for a mentor, I have just spent money on a big advert,

I am absorbing experience and advice.

I guess you have to make mistakes to learn,

You have to try things to succeed and it’s okay if they don’t always work.

If you have the motivation and determination..


How quickly you succeed is a different story.

If you don’t have a lot of money to start with this takes time…


I will be live on Instagram 8pm (gmt) on Thursday’s talking about my Art.

Why I do it, Why it’s my passion and What it’s like to start your own business.


Thanks for reading,