Plans for the next Week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

What are my Plans for the week ahead

Good Morning here’s my plans for today and my up coming week,

Sunday’s for me are all about spending time with the family,

Also I have to set daily GOALS for my week,

So I’m ready to get up and go on Monday morning,

I’m also looking forward to my live on Instagram tonight at 8pm,

It should be great.


Weekly Goals to hit Yearly Goals

So, I set myself goals for the week,

These are normally to push towards my yearly or future big ones,

I have a little planner and use it daily to add and check off what I’ve achieved.

I guess mental focus is the reason I do this…


Also I try and be organised and productive….

I tend to start one thing get bored so move onto another,

Which is fine as long as I go back to the original focus afterwards.


Adapting When Things Don’t Work

I also try to look at how well received new ideas become,

And go think of other ways to succeed if they don’t work the way I hope.

I’m learning everyday, what to do and what not to do…

That’s the way business works right?


In the Studio

I’m going to work on some big pieces this week,

Also complete a few I’ve been hovering over for the last few weeks,

I’m thinking about trying out some new canvas too,

Some long and narrow ones maybe…

Abstract expressionist paintings will be my focus over the next few months,

Although I have just completed a Landscape commission this week ,

So if anyone else wants one let me know as I have the equipment ready at the moment,

They seem to becoming quite popular al of a sudden….



So yeah, I have realised more and more that FOCUS,

GOALS and celebrating ACHIEVEMENTS are the way to push yourself further.

I have learn this slowly but I’m now ready to keep going and be successful.


Thanks for reading,

I hope to speak to you guys tonight at 8pm on Insta,

Read Thursdays blog for more info.