Good Vibes by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Good Vibes for this week

Good Morning,

Yay! It’s Friday,

The sun is shining here in Somerset,

Spring is finally around the corner.


Because I’m Happpy….

I’m happy to say I sold one of my favourite paintings yesterday,

So as you may already tell, I’m on a high.

I’ve been so productive this week,

I don’t give myself praise very often but this week I’ve really pushed myself to think outside the box.

I’ve also started my beginners guide to Art Collecting in which you can find on yesterday’s post below this one.


Work in the Studio this week

I asked my followers on Instagram at the beginning of the week if they would like to see Floral or Raw abstracts,

The vote gave me 45% Abstract to 55% floral,

I am finishing off all eight today and loading them on my site tomorrow.

So, I have decided to sale them all separately, originally they were going to be sold as sets.

As the weather is great today I will also be able to get some great photos in the garden.




World of Interiors

It’s out and I’m loving how awesome my artwork looks,

So exciting…

You will find me under the Artist Impressions section.


A beginner’s guide to Art Collecting

I’m going to do a Q & A session weekly on Instagram live every Sunday,

I collect art, Last year I made my first big investment in a beautiful painting,

It can be very scary to make such a purchase,

It took me years to actually go ahead and do it!

I want to share my thoughts on this to help others wanting to invest in art.

Also I feel I have a refreshing perspective on this as I’m an Artist,

I can see both sides to issues involving the worries around investing in artwork.

My first live on buying art and my art will be on Sunday at 8pm.

Tune in if your curious @emilyduchschererkirkart.


Have a fab end to your week,