A Beginners Guide to Art Collecting by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

A Beginners Guide to Art Collecting

So I’m not an expert, a gallery owner or important in the art world,

But if you want to know how to start collecting,

Also maybe some hints and tips to get the right art for you,

I’m an art collector so I have some experience,

and an artist so I can see both points of view.

I’ll be posting every Thursday on this subject as there is so much to talk about.

I will also be live on Instagram every Sunday at 8pm GMT to help anyone who wishes to tune in.


Who can be an Art Collector?

So this is the first question I would like to get your head around,

When many people think about Art collectors they may think of a wealthy family in a mansion,

Or a high flyer with a Chelsea apartment in London..

The answer really is ANYONE can be an art collector.

Anyone who has a passion for art.

Yeah, there is art collectors that purely look at the investment side of collecting.

But I can’t really understand it myself….I guess that’s because I’m an Artist though.

I mean, if you are buying a painting for instance that is more than £1000,

I feel you should probably think about how much do you actually love this piece,

Especially if it is highly priced,


The way to look at it is to ask yourself a few questions.

Would I spend x pounds on anything else in my home?

This amount could be anything from tens to hundreds to thousands depending in you budget and how much the piece you have your eyes on costs.

Have I got the correct home Insurance for high valued items?

Check you Insurance policy for contents value.. I really advise this as a must.

If you are purchasing any high value item you need to think about any extra costs.

Could I possibly in 10 to 20 years time or later want to sell this painting?

You may never want to sale your artwork, for a lot of people there art collection becomes a treasured possession.

But how about if you would like to leave it to your children?

Keep safe and record your purchase in many ways, bank statements, a letter from the artist maybe.

Certificates and most importantly make sure the artist has signed the piece.


So as you can tell there’s a lot to think about…

But it’s fun…you just have to think about certain things in advance so you don’t make a big mistake.

So tune in on Sunday 8pm gmt, @emilyduchschererkirkart on Instagram,

or read my posts every Thursday for more advice..

You can always ask me via email too [email protected]

Or DM me on social media.

It’s an awesome feeling when you purchase a piece of art.

I made my first high value purchase from an Artist last year.

I LOVE it everyday.