Studio Scenes this week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Studio Scenes this week….

Hey everyone,

It’s now April so let’s hope for some better weather,

Spring is on the way I hope!

So, today I’m going to be talking about working in the studio,

Along with a few new things I’m going to be trying out….


Photo Shoot

So far this week it’s been miserable weather,

I want to get outside in the garden to take some awesome photos,

As it’s best to use natural light to capture texture and detail,

My soft box lights are great to.


In the Studio

I asked my followers on Instagram at the beginning of the week if they would like to see Floral or Raw abstracts,

The vote gave me 45% Abstract to 55% floral,

So I’m currently completing a four set of each on 12″ canvas,

It’s fun to be completing them together…

I have started all eight now,

Also two 50 by 50 centimetre canvas are in progress,

So, lots going on and keeping busy….


World of Interiors

It’s out tomorrow,

Please take a look I’m love seeing my work advertised in such a renown publication,


You will find me under the Artist Impressions section,

Here’s the link to subscribe paper or digital is available.  


Putting the Social into Social Media

I have decided to try something new,

I’m going to do a Q & A session weekly on Instagram live every Sunday,

I made this decision after enjoying other artist do this,

However mine is more focused on my followers and not other Artists,

I collect art as well as create it,

I want to share info on this to help others wanting to invest in art.

Also I feel I have a refreshing perspective on this as I’m an Artist,

I can see both sides to issues involving the worries around investing in artwork.

My first live on buying art and my art will be on Sunday at 9pm.

Hope you tune in @emilyduchschererkirkart.


Have an awesome week,