My Journey to become an Artist by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

About me…

Welcome to my art blog and story of my life,

Today’s post is going to be about my journey so far,

The Artist behind the artwork….


Growing up….


So, Where do I start,

I had a great childhood,

Living in the countryside in a small village in Somerset,

I always knew from a young age that I wanted to have a creative job when I grew up,

An Interior designer, an architect and an art teacher were some of the professions I had in mind whilst in secondary school,

Then I really got into my art at the age of 14,

Always drawing and creating and making things,

I had an amazing art teacher which also helped,

Mrs Campbell, she really encouraged me at school,

I would go into the art room for lunch and breaks,

This was because I was being bullied and this distracted me and was a place to get away from this.

You see I was a big girl,

Tall, very chubby and very awkward.

I had no confidence in myself what so ever….

I always worked hard at school but really struggled with maths, biology.

I loved history, english literature and of course art…


My Art in College

I started a full time Art and Design course in 2002,

In this course I learnt a bit of everything from photography, ceramics, fine art to art history.

I also worked at a florist at the weekend which I also loved,

When I finished college I was thinking about training as a florist,

But then instead decided to save up money for university,

I got a part time job in a well known supermarket……

And moved in with my boyfriend who was 5 years older than me.



The “Career”

So after a year or so we split up and I transfered to the branch closer to my parents,

I then moved back in with them…

My intention was to pursue a career as an artist,

But then I began training as a retail manager for the supermarket….

Eight years later I met and fell in love with my husband,

The happiness I felt with him made me realise that I wasn’t happy with the rest of my life.

My “career” made me unhappy although the people I worked with were generally lovely.

After getting married a year after we first met,

Then becoming pregnant a few months later,

I began thinking that I really couldn’t carry on with my job,

It was not my plan.


The Wake up call..

When you come to this sort of realisation I think it’s really easy to become depressed and feel that you have lost or wasted a huge piece of your life….

I did become very stressed, I had always had anxiety but didn’t realised how bad it was becoming,

When my beautiful little boy was born I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and post natal depression.

So this was a really horrific time when it should of been the most happy.

After a lot of therapy and cbt I began realising things had to change,

I didn’t want this, I wanted my son and hubby to be happy as well as myself,

You worry it will effect them in the future.

The Last Year

So at the age of thirty one,

I began the career I have always wanted,

Twelve years late be never the less I was going for it,

It hasn’t been easy, I have had moments when I’ve broken down,

But I living my life as I intended and my little boy is the happiest two year old you have ever met.

I couldn’t of done any of this without Simon my husband.

My best friend and soul mate.

I know it may sound corny but it is so true.


The Future

Hopefully I’m on the right track,

I’m selling art slowly and have had a lot of interest from gallerys recently.

I have a magazine feature for World of Interiors magazine for 3 issues this summer.

So hopefully on the right track.


I’m doing what I passionate about and am so grateful for that…


Thank you for taking the time to read my post,