My plans will happen this week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk.

Plans which WILL happen this week…

Welcome to my art blog,


Here’s what is happening this week.


Beautiful Photography


So,  okay I know this was on my PLANS to do list last week,

But my art comes first and I was on a roll last week,

I can’t ignore that!

Well it would be silly if I did as I’m an artist and all!

Business always comes second for an artist,

So I will be on this ASAP I promise.

I’m going to be creating some AMAZING photos of my work,

Set up is always a challenge in a small studio,

But I’ve been clearing space ready for this,

Luckily my home has a lot of white walls,

As I collect art as well as make it,

So using my living room will also be key.



My New Collection


So, Deep Happiness my latest painting is now online,

I’m loving them, they have been created with a new paint brand I’m trying out.

Pebeo studio high viscosity studio acrylics,

The paint is much thinner than other paint brands I have used,

However the colours are gorgeous especially the iridescent ones.

So I’m off to a great start and will be continuing these works for a few weeks.



I will be in Langport on Good Friday 30th March @ the artisan market 09:00 till 14:00.

I have a lot more events I’m now arranging to attend,

I will keep you up to date when they are confirmed,

Somerset Open Studios from 15th September till the 30th September is one I’m working on.

It will be great to see people interested in how I create my art so really excited for this,

There’s a few galleries in London I am now speaking to also….

World of Interiors magazine is out on the 5th April with my first of three paintings!!!

Really excited to get my copy.


Getting Personal

So I have pasted the 600 followers mark on Instagram over the last week,

I’m going to let people know a bit more about my personal life,

You know hobbies, other passions other than art etc.

I will also be posting on Wednesday if you are interested about my interests.


Thanks for reading and have a great week.