My Art Journey @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Story so far

Welcome to my art blog and story,

Today’s post is going to be about my journey in the last year,

The struggles, the wins and the art.


The Struggles when becoming you own boss

So I think the main worries I have on a daily basis are,

When am I going to sale my next painting?

What can I do MORE of that isn’t expensive to promote my work?

Am I going in the right direction?

Ok these are normal worries for any business but in the artworld you could sale 5 or more paintings in one month and then none in the next… as the weeks go by with no sales the more you worry.

I guess I’m still not used to this after having a salary for 7 years!

It takes a lot of motivation and perseverance to keep going.

I don’t want to go on about the struggles of a starving artist so I’m going to stop talking about this.


The Wins and success

So, I LOVE the feeling when I sale one of my paintings,

Nothing can beat it,

Someone wants my artwork, after I have poured my heart and soul into creating it.

I’ve had a lot of small wins in the last few months but I’m pushing for the BIG ones,

I have had two galleries in London wanting to display my work,

Which I working on.

Also I have a campaign in World of Interiors this summer.

So, I’m hoping these will help support the growth of my presence in the art world.


My Art in the Last Year

I am steering away from decor paintings.

I love making them but they don’t benefit my career plans,

Making Expressive pieces has always been my main focus,

So I’m focusing on this completely now.

I had another artist confirm to me that my style is so unique,

So I’m working with that.

Sometimes being different is hard,

People don’t understand or like you work.

But I feel this should be an advantage to me as an artist.


The point is that being yourself is the only way to be,

In all walks of life.

So to answer my own worries at the beginning of this post.

That’s how I know I’m going in the right direction,

Being and creating what I want to, not what is trendy or selling more in the art world!

Sometimes sales isn’t the focus,

they will come when other bits fall together.

And finally,

How can I promote myself with little expense?

Keep emailing, keeping posting, get connections and support fellow creatives.


Thanks for reading and have a great end to your week.