My Plans for this week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

This Weeks Plans @wallartbyemily

Welcome to my art blog,

So, I’ve made a few BIG decisions over the last few days,


My Six Painting Challenge


I completed my challenge!

Created some great art,

5 out of 6 were a success anyway.

The whole experience has helped me to make art that I love.

Also to embrace the process more and not to be worried about the outcome as much.#

If things don’t turn out like I imagined it’s not the end of the world.

Sometimes I create something fresh and new!

So I am using this new experience to push my progress forward.



So I’ve been attending an online course called Instagram for artists,

It’s really helpful so far,

It covers how to be professional and have a better online presence.

I’ve also been speaking to a lot of other artists which really helps to motivate,

Support is hard to get when you work on your own,

Sometimes you need another opinion or perspective on your work,

So this is great as I now feel I have a group of artists to help me out.


My plans for promoting my art


So going back to BIG decisions,

I have decided to slowly change my business to my name and say goodbye to Wallartbyemily.

This will happen very slowly but my Instagram handle is now @emilyduchschererkirkart.

I know it’s A LOT of effort but I think the new more positive mindset I have come to adopt over the last few weeks,

with SO much support and some great things happening already this year has given me the push I needed to really get off my arse and WORK WORK WORK.

I have 3 magazine articles already,

A gallery in Greenwich, London displaying my work for 4 weeks,

Many Brands are also interested so it’s going so well.


Thanks for reading and have a great week.