My Plans for this week @wallartbyemily

My week @wallartbyemily

Welcome to my art blog, Today I’ll be talking about my plans for this week,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend,


I always feel Mondays are a drag,

But I also see them as a fresh week to explore my creative side.

Soul raw abstract expressionist painting
Soul raw abstract painting

My Six Painting Challenge

On Friday I started a challenge to motivate myself in to using impulsive ideas to create six large paintings in a week,

Ok, this maybe slightly crazy but the idea is but this is a different way of working for me,

It’s a theory that if you keep a faster momentum you can create better artwork,

I’m going to see if it helps or improves mine.

So I have done well over the weekend,

Completing one painting and starting number two,

These raw abstract pieces are experimenting with colour combinations,

Additionally I will be exploring and developing techniques I have used in the past.

I have used many of these styles on my small wall art pieces,

Six months has pasted since I have used these skills to create this sort of work,

But I remembering quickly, Like getting back on a bike after you haven’t cycled for a while.

Dancing With Colour 100 x 50 cm


So, being an artist isn’t all about painting,

Although sometimes I wish it was….

Planning and applying for exhibitions, events and gallery space is a constant task,

Updating and improving my website can take hours or even days!

Advertising my art takes up hours of my daily too,

Researching companies and businesses to work with,

I’m also doing a course run by Artists for Artists,

and of course networking….

So as you can imagine focusing on my artwork is main priority but I have to for now do this all myself with the help and support of my husband who also has a full time job!

My plans for promoting my art

So, I’m excited to announce that I will be Featured in World of Interiors magazine!

The first Issue will be ON 5th April (May Edition) then the June and July Editions,

I will be featured as part of their Artistic Impressions feature with other artists,

It will hopefully buzz up some business and help me make some sales

I will also let you know very soon what events I will be attending this year.


I hope you all have a great Monday,

Thank you for reading and have a great afternoon,