My Week so Far @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Week so Far @wallartbyemily

Welcome to my art blog, I hope you’ve all had a great week so far,

So here’s what I’ve been doing in the studio over the last few days.


This Week in the Studio

So if you read Mondays blog you will know that I’m taking a leap back to some abstract work I started 6 months ago,


I’m going back to the abstract art I love creating,

I think sometimes you can want to impress others more than yourself,

I possibly think this could be because of MONEY…

No you say, you painting to earn a living,

Well, I try.

The fear of not selling your art is hard to ignore,

But I’ve been thinking that I now must focus on what I WANT to create,

Listen to my heart a bit more,

Rather than my head.

My Next big Project

So, I thought about how I could reinvent this painting into a much larger piece, adapting it slightly.

To make things more challenging I then decided I would use the same colours to create another large painting at the same time.

I love a challenge,

The idea is to create two large paintings that work together as a set,

Created with a mass of passion.


Progress This Week

So I’ve nearly finished one of the set.

I didn’t do them at the same time,

That was a good idea but I will try that with a slightly smaller canvas.



I have also just got a feature for 3 issues in a BIG magazine starting in April,

They contacted me!

So awesome to be contacted for this!

It’s small but world re known, I’m really excited,

I will let you know what magazine it is at a later date.



Thanks for Reading,

Have a great day,