About My Artist’s Journey @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

 About My Art Journey @wallartbyemily

Hello and Welcome to my artist Blog,

Today I’ll be talking about my background,

and why I decided to be an artist.

Why I became an Artist

I have had a passion for art from a very young age,

I started creating art through mixed media and collage when I was 15.

I went to art and design college in my home town,

When I was 18 I decided to get a full time job and save up to attend a great university and complete a degree in Fine Art.

That full time job became a career,

I still experimented with my painting in those years,

But never had the confidence to explore the art world,

and try to be part of it.


Courage to Become who you want to be..

It took a lot of courage and support from my hubby (my best friend) but finally last year after having a career in retail for 12 years,

I decided to start selling my art and become my own boss!

It’s the best and most challenging decision I have ever made.

However I’m following my dreams and doing what I love and what has always been my passion to achieve!

I create landscape, floral and raw abstract expressionist paintings with acrylic and inks.


What I feel and think when I’m creating art?

What do feel when I’m creating?

First of all, I feel completely free of the worries in my life,

Because I use the emotions I feel in every mark added to the canvas,

and translate them to my paintings.

Also I’m always thinking about what emotions other people feel when looking at my work.


Why I’m an Artist?

Because I think about how my painting could be a treasured possession for someone,

I could bring someone happiness and joy with my work.

So, WOW this is an amazing job,

And it’s mine.


I hope this blog has given you an insight into my world,

Thank you for reading,