My Week ahead @wallartbtemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Week @wallartbyemily.

Welcome to my art blog,

It’s Monday the start of a new week!

Here’s what I’m up to over the next few days,



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So I’ve joined a group this week,

It’s a 5 day challenge,

This group consists 3,00o artists,

From all over the world,

We all are trying to make a career in the art world.


I have a work book to complete every day,

Today I had the challenge of thinking about how I’m different to other artists,

It’s sometimes hard to think about yourself like that,

So here is what I think.


My Background

So, I have lived in the countryside my whole life,

In the South west of England.


As I grew up I  had a passion for art.

I studied art and design full time in college,

at the same time I worked at a florist which I also loved.

After college a played with the idea of going to uni,

I decided to work for a year to save up some money,

Twelve years later I realised my career in retail wasn’t my plan,

I was unhappy and not the person I wanted to be,

I wasn’t me anymore…..

Which my husband who’s also my best friend helped me realise.

So I finally got some courage to quit my managers role with a salary,

and here I am a year later being my own boss and starting out as a full time artist!

It’s exciting and also the most scary feeling ever, leaving a stable job,

Entering the unknown.


Why Do I create Art??

It’s the passion I feel,

Creating art makes me myself,

I love to make others feel happy through looking at my art,

It’s the best feeling ever.

Watching others enjoy my creations gives me the best feeling in the world.

Bringing others joy.



Thanks for reading,