All about my art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk @wallartbyemily.

All About My Art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Welcome to my blog, So today’s blog is all about my art and the processes I use to create it,


all about my art techniques @wallartbyemily

About My Art

So, if you have seen my paintings you will know there is many styles I create.

I try and group these by various categories on my site so it’s easier to navigate.

Although most of my pieces are inspired by nature,

I use my Raw Abstract or expressionist paintings to express my emotions.


How My Ideas translate into Art

I try out new ideas and compositions on to canvas sheets,

This helps me experiment and find the effect I’m looking for,

I normally have a lot of different Ideas at once,

So this process helps match bits together and focus on how I’m going to compose my next painting.


deeper shades of the blues
deeper shades of the blues


Acrylic paint is my chosen medium as you know,


The advantage for me for using acrylic paint in my artworks is mainly because of the techniques I use.

So, I mainly use three colours to mix others Cyan, Magenta, Process Yellow and Titanium white.

These are process colours that any art student will know well,

you can mix any colour you wish.

I do use others and metallic effect paints also different inks to create many effects.


Manipulating Paint

Leaving the paint to dry on the canvas or on a palette before mixing creates many effects, I use this regularly.

Manipulating paint on their own or with mixed mediums helps to give a lot of different textures,

it’s all about how light hits the canvas,

So if I start a painting in the morning I tend to leave each layer to the following day to see how it looks in artificial light as well as daylight.

This helps me make an artwork that will work in any light.

Not mixing the colour before applying to the canvas creates loads of different colours in one movement.


Wild meadow on the landscape
Wild meadow on the landscape


Sometimes I use inks to accent curtain areas of my paintings,

I also use pearlescent and shimmering inks to add to texture,

Or add to the whole surface of my artworks.

I love the way they work with acrylic paints,

They finish off a lot of my work.


I hope you have found this blog interesting,

And have a better understanding of what my art is all about.

I know a lot of artists have a style and evolve that style through there career,

Although I’m sure I will to a degree,

I love discovering new techniques and using them to create interesting paintings.

Thanks for Reading,