The Artist’s Spotlight @wallartbyemily by Jorge Santos and Emily Duchscherer Kirk.

Artist’s Spotlight @wallartbyemily

Hope you’re having a great Thursday everyone and welcome to another Artist’s Spotlight,

Abstract's Explosion
Abstract’s Explosion

So this week is one of many that I follow on Instagram.

He’s an abstract expressionist painter and his name is Jorge Santos.

Here’s Jorge’s Story

Jorge Santos lives in Lisbon, Portugal.

He is a self taught abstract acrylic painter and photographer.

In his own words here’s how he became an artist.

“My passion for painting came in a very unexpected way when in 2004,

My daughter challenged me to paint a canvas.

This challenge aroused the art that was hidden in me.

I made it grow with each painting I was creating.

If I had to describe myself, while passionate about painting,

Enchanted World
Enchanted World

I wouldn’t know how to do it…

I´d say I´m just a curious, an eternal apprentice,

who seeks unceasingly abstract forms to represent life,

to perpetuate feelings and emotions.”


Jorge’s Artwork

So, Jorge loves to create vibrant, colourful, textured pieces.

He also uses many processes to build his paintings,

Layering, pulling and scraping paint on to the canvas.

His tools include palette knives, brushes and his hands to apply paint.

“My paintings echo my feelings, giving the viewer a glimpse of my mind and soul.”



 Check out Jorge’s artworks online

You can find Jorge’s artworks and photography on Instagram and his website,

here’s the links,
Happy Summer
Happy Summer








What I think of Jorge’s Artworks

I think the reason I absolutely love Jorge’s artworks is because when you look at his paintings you can really feel the emotions created with the paint.

Also the beautiful use of colours are perfectly complimented to one another,

Deeply rich colours contrasting bold bright ones.

His art is truly Inspiring to me.

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