My Art Inspiration by Emily Duchscherer Kirk


My Art Inspiration by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

So I thought I’d fill you in today on my progress this week, I’ve been looking for new inspiration.

I decided to look into landscape compositions.

Adapting many techniques I’ve used in the past to create some fab new paintings.


Art Inspiration landscapes
Art Inspiration landscapes

Living in the Countryside

So living in Somerset I’ve always used nature as an inspiration in many paintings.

There’s some amazing talent in the south west of England.

I came across some beautiful photographs from various Somerset based photographers.

Sometimes looking at the work of others gives you a fresh perspective on your own work.


In The Studio

I’ve figured out a way of combining my bold abstract designs into landscape paintings.

It’s kind of a formula or composition to stick to that will work with layers of various techniques I have used in the past.

So here’s 3 new compositions I’ve come up with this week.

As you can see they are very different in style, compositions are very similar though.

These mini landscapes are going to be my guide to creating some larger paintings.

It just goes to show that sometimes Inspiration can be found all around you.

Then creating your own interpretations and ideas need a lot of work.

That’s art for you.


My Website

So I’ve sold one of my favourite abstracts this morning!

It’s great selling them but I do tend to get attached to curtain paintings.

I’m so happy The Artist’s Palette is going to a

good home.

Thank you, it will be arriving with you shortly.



10% off commi

Art Inspiration landscapes

ssions starting tomorrow till the 31/1/18.

Quotes are free and if you register on the website you receive an additional 5% off when you purchase your painting.

Contact me via [email protected] for any questions or a quote.

Also you can contact me via social media @wallartbyemily.


Art Inspiration landscapes

If any other artists or photographers out there would like to be featured on my artist’s spotlight, contact me via email; [email protected]

It’s nearly the weekend folks so have a great end to your working week.

Thanks again for reading.