My Week so far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Week so far

Good Morning all, I hope you are having a great week,

It’s been miserable weather,

But spring will soon be appearing.


Today’s post is about what I’ve been working on this week.

If you read my blog at the weekend you will know I have been challenged with a lack of ideas for new and exciting artworks.

So I have been doing a lot of research in my quest to come up with some new paintings.

I found some beautiful photos from some local photographers.

So have decided to go back to some landscape ideas.

As someone who has always lived near the countryside here in Somerset I’m spoilt for choice.

I think sometimes those of us who have grown up around beautiful scenery, takes the wonder in nature for granted.

From time to time.

In The Studio

So as part of my research I’ve been trying out different techniques with composition.

I’ve figured out a way of combining my bold abstract designs into landscape paintings.

It’s kind of a formula or composition to stick to that will work with layers of various techniques I have used in the past.

Using these I have created two small landscape concepts in different styles.

I’m pleased with the outcome but will be creating a few more this afternoon.

Hopefully a large landscape by the end of the week.


My Website


I am currently creating videos for all of my artworks to give you a great view at different angles and close ups.

I know I’ve been talking about these for a few weeks but it takes me a while to learn new technical skills.


I’ve been updating info on each of my paintings and the videos will come shortly.

Check out the reduced prices on paintings on the shop menu, there’s a lot to choose from.



10% off commissions starting tomorrow till the 31/1/18.

Quotes are free and if you register on the website you receive an additional 5% off when you purchase your painting.

Contact me via [email protected] for any questions or a quote.

Also you can contact me via social media @wallartbyemily.


Local Artist’s Blog


So I hope you enjoyed reading about Lozzabubbleart in last weeks artists spotlight.

There will be another one shortly on Kate C Norton of Langport, Somerset.

If any other artists out there would like to be featured, email me.

Thanks for reading.