My Week so far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk @

Almost The Weekend!

Evening all,

Hope you’re having a fab week, if not then don’t threat – it’s nearly the weekend!

I know it’s terrible that this is the first blog I’ve written this week, but I do have a few excuses and they don’t start with the dog ate my homework!

The main excuse is an ear infection which has been making me slightly less productive than usual. Hopefully it won’t last much longer. I’ve also quit smoking again, this time for good I hope – but the first few days have driven me crazy.

It seems it’s again the season for sniffles & viruses to bring everyone down as the weather starts to turn colder.

Holiday Seasons Ahead

The run up to Christmas has always been the busiest time of year for me (if you didn’t know I’m a former retail manager).

As a self employed business woman and Artist I’m fully booked up until 2 days before Christmas with events and promotions. It’s great and really exciting!

As you may know next week is Thanks Giving in America. We have all become familiar with this over the last decade in Britain from the Black Friday deals that have also arrived. Every website and shop will be joining the hype – you’ll likely wake up to hundreds of emails on sales glorious sales. With that in mind I’ve decided I’ll be joining in with this madness next week! Although you’ll have to check out social media and my website to find out what’s on offer…

This Week’s Work…

So let me explain about what I’ve been working on this week, if you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll remember last week I spoke of completing four designs for limited edition prints; I’m still finishing these pieces along with getting organised ahead of the next few weeks ahead.

I’m also making tea light holders out of vintage wine glasses and decor glass lamps out of bottles I’ve collected over the last few years. They look amazing!

It’s a great way to up-cycle/recycle and make the most of what you have.  Glass paints however are highly potent and really hard to get off anything! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the change of medium apart from this as it’s been highly therapeutic.

The idea came to me to create some glass pieces for personal and inexpensive presents for friends and family members. I quickly realised I had more than I needed and thought it would be great to display and sell some on my stalls for my first self employed Christmas.

Give it a go if you’d love revamp your glassware or make some pressies! Or come and take a look at the ones I have for sale.

Check out @wallartbyemily on social media, to follow my story.

Have an amazing and relaxing weekend and peace  to you all.