My Week so far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk @wallartbyemily

My week so far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk @wallartbyemily

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all having a good week; if not you’re half way through so don’t worry not long till the weekend. Yay!

So time to talk about what I’m working on this week, as you recall on Monday I spoke of completing four designs this week that will be limited edition prints. Two will be part of my raw abstract collection and two for my floral collection.

I’m hoping the process I’m using will organically create these pieces. Let the paint and my emotions lead the way and not think about it too technically.

I’ve only just been in the studio today so slightly behind schedule but have managed to do two small videos while there, so please take a look at those.

With tomorrow being Thursday, I’m confident I can complete these designs by Sunday; although I’ve a busy weeekend – I’m displaying my work at a charity event in South Petherton and also helping in my friends shop on Saturday (she displays some of my artwork – Just Bears, in the quedam in Yeovil, come and say hi if you’re local).

I get a bit annoyed when I can’t stay in my studio, but unfortunately starting your own business means advertising and getting out and about so people know what you’re selling and that you exist!

I’m sure that being an Independent business is harder than ever before as there’s so many different ways to buy things these days; and managing all the different ways I can communicate with my customers – Social media, other websites you can list with, your own website, shops, markets and fairs.

Juggling them all is one of the many challenges of modern business – but it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy!

I hope you enjoy watching the videos of me explaining my design process – would love to hear feedback if you have any. Here’s a link to the first video.

Check out @wallartbyemily on Facebook or instagram if you want to see how I’m progressing.

A big thank you to you all,