My weekly Overview by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My weekly overview by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

It has been a really successful and productive week, I’ve been working on a new abstract, a commission, I also attended the lovely Langport Artisan Market on Friday and lead a Awesome Art youth group into creating some abstract paintings, which was great.

My commission Colour Colour 10 is taking shape, I think I’m on layer 6 but who’s counting! Sometimes it is more challenging recreating a artwork to a larger scale especially but once I got my head around how I was going to do the piece in small stages I felt in control.

I wanted to explain why I have my separate collections of artwork, as you may know many artists focus on one style at a time and it evolves beautifully. I’m working on many at the same time,

I call my collections Raw (Abstracts), Floral, Colour Colour and Decor.

Raw Abstracts are expressive they tend to be created  when I’m in heightened emotional states. Excited, up set, angry, aggressive. It beats doing yoga. They are definitely therapeutic for me. They help me reflect on life.

My Floral collection are bold, colourful and full of textures. I use inks with many of these pieces to give them some girly shimmer. They vary from abstract to still life styles.

The Colour colour collection is all about the colour, bout the colour, no trouble. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. So again Abstracts using many different techniques.

Decor pieces are just ideas and simple designs for people who love art but have a small budget, I really enjoy creating these pieces.

So time to talk about what I’m working on this week, it’s a finishing artworks off ready for the weekend, I’ll probably do a few small artworks, as painting edges and glossing is so boring.

Friday I will be at Somerton Market 10-14:00 and Saturday at Yeovil Independent Market 9-16:00.

Check out @wallartbyemily on Facebook or instagram if you want to see what’s happening in the studio this week.

A big thank you to you all,