Artist spotlight by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Artist Spotlight by EmilyDuchschererKirk

As promised my first artist spotlight is about the wonderful Henri Matisse and how his art inspires me. I will feature an artist every week, ranging all the way from classic masters up to many current and up and coming artists.

Henri Matisse, born 31/12/1869 was from a poor family in France in a small town called Le cateau-cambresis. He began painting at 20 when his mother bought him his first paints whilst he was bed ridden. She encouraged him to paint with his emotions rather than using the rules that traditional  artists would use to create their artworks.

Colour was a huge focus of his works, Matisse watched his mother as a child while she matched and make paints for her occupation. The colours influenced his works throughout his life. The most important influence during the fauvism movement was using colour to express emotions (impressions) rather than true to life colours to represent the subject (e.g. A person, landscape or still life). This style/movement in art history only lasted a few years from around 1904 to 1910. The Fauves or ‘wild ones’ broke the rules of traditional painting through experimentation (modern art).

He wasn’t scared to use impressionism and express his emotions through his works, at the time this was very rare. He stayed true to himself and dedicated his life to his artworks; even in his later years he carried on, when he couldn’t paint anymore through ill health he used collage to create his art works.

Two years before he died 100 of his artworks were donated to his home town at a approximate value of $14,000,000. He died 3/11/1954 at the age of 84.

I have always used Matisse as an inspiration for my art by constantly experimenting with styles, techniques and colour. I also use many different mediums, the only constant in my artworks is acrylic paints. But who knows this could change….

Please take time to search for his works on the internet to see how much they differ through his life and see how fantastic they are.

I hope you have a great Friday!

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