My week so far by EmilyDuchschererKirk


My week so far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk


First of all sorry I missed you yesterday, I’ve been helping a friend set up her shop in the Quedam Centre in Yeovil.

The shop is called Just Bears, and as you may have guessed stocks a beautiful selection of gorgeous teddy bears.

She kindly let me set up one side of the store with my artworks, so if your local please come and have a look.

I feel blessed that my paintings are now on display in two shops.

The Emporium, Princes street and Just Bears, Quedam Centre which are both situated in my home town of Yeovil, Somerset.

There has been many new people in my life this year many who have helped me to start my journey as a full time artist in one way or another.

Support and encouragement from my family has been amazing, but when someone you’ve never crossed paths with before believes in your potential and guides you towards your dreams it’s truly fantastic. (The world is not all doom and gloom after all.)

I don’t want anyone to think I’m getting emotional but I feel so humble and motivated at the moment.

So time to talk about what I’m working on this week, as you recall on Monday i spoke of two paintings to start this week. I’ve only been the studio for a day and a half with everything that’s been going on so slightly behind schedule. With tomorrow being Thursday, my Seascape of Brixham is going to have to wait a few weeks‍….. I get a bit frustrated when I can’t stay in my studio, if only I was a millionaire.

So the 24″x36″ abstract I’m creating has two layers when I say layers the way I work is I do a background and add about 20 layers until I’m happy  with the outcome… you could say I use a lot of acrylic paint.

Check out @wallartbyemily on Facebook or instagram if you want to see how I’m progressing or regressing.

I’ll also let you know more on my Sunday blog as well.

Tune in tomorrow for my artist of the week blog about the wonderful Henri Matisse and how he inspires my artworks.

A big thank you to you all,