Art Inspiration – Emily Duchscherer Kirk / wallartbyeemily 16-10-17

My Art Inspiration for the week ahead by Emily Duchscherer Kirk/wallartbyemily. 

This week: 16/10/17

Hello, So this is my blog, I’ve started today, never done one before but I hope you enjoy. So Mondays at is all about Inspiration.

The start of a new week must bring a muse and I’d like to talk a bit about mine.

At college I was drawn to many different styles in art however the movement of fauvism is a constant inspiration (which I’ll be talking all about on Saturday on my weekly All about Art blogg, hint hint.)

So Henri Matisse (My Artist of the week, more info on tomorrow’s blogg) and this movement is very influential and inspires my artworks along with Derain, also one of my heroes who created this movement with Matisse.

These guys began using vivid colours instead of  life like colour for the subjects they were studying. Still life, people or landscapes usually. The colours were used to be expressive along with vigorous brushstrokes. Many thought this created unfinished artworks and shocked people back in 1905.

The canyon beyond the clouds (above image), acrylic on canvas 50 x 50cm, which you can find for sale on Gives you an example of how these guys have influenced my work. You can also follow me on instagram, Facebook and twitter searching @wallartbyemily.

This is my first blog I promise it’ll get better

So my inspiration for this week is one I tend to go back to time after time (where’s Cyndi Lauper when you need her..‍) these guys. Over 100 years later in 2017 I’ve had very mixed comments on my artwork. Gary and I, ( have created the term of marmite for my  paintings as that fits them perfectly it’s really that extreme.

Week Ahead

So I’m going back to the crazy colours I love this week, I have a photo my cousin took of the coastline in Brixham, Devon that I’ve been wanting to paint. Along with a 24″x36″ canvas I’m going to dive into.

So excited as Brixham is a special place for my husband and I.

I will be posting on social media how I’m doing and blogging daily if you’d like to find out more.

I hope you have a great week and find your own inspiration.

Thanks for reading,